One year ago, I sang together with my friend and colleague Vincent Lesage in the metro station in Maalbeek. The clip was part of a series of similar clips that was broadcast on the national television channel één.
One year later, on March 22nd, this metro station was attacked by terrorists.

We decided to make a new video clip
to show that we will never stop singing,
that we will never stop sharing beauty with each other
that we will never stop believing in peace
we want to give a message of hope
of consolation, of respect
to the people of my country Belgium
and especially to all the people in the world that suffer from terrorism of any kind, oppression, exploitation and abuse of power

this world needs to change
this world needs a different direction
one that shows that respect is necessary
one that shows that equal chances are indispensable
one that shows that weapons are useless
one that show that a fairer distribution of wealth is the solution
one that shows that peace is the only way

give peace a chance